Worship the Henley

In the words of Liam Payne,
"You are my soulmate,
let's make sweet love."

Bee, NYC


A lot of you have followed me fairly recently and might not necessarily know where my loyalties lie, so FOR THE RECORD: I would fight you over Liam Payne any day of the week.


"Ziam time travel !" —Anonymous


"This can’t be real," Liam says slowly, staring around at the room he hasn’t seen in years. "I can’t really be here. It’s a dream, right?"

Except Zayn’s staring at him, and he’s a Zayn Liam hasn’t seen in years. A Zayn who belongs in Liam’s memories of Simon Cowell and feeling alone and arguing with Louis and the X Factor. God, he’s in the X Factor house and Zayn’s 17 years old while he, well, he’s 21. He’s just turned 21 and celebrated in Vegas, he’s just been in Vegas trying to distract fans from the shitstorm he’s just unwittingly released on twitter, unless it’s all been a dream. Oh god, has it been a dream?

A glance at the tattoos on his arm tell him it’s not. He’s somehow back here, in the X Factor house in 2010, and Zayn’s … well, Zayn looks curious more than anything.

"Hey," Liam says weakly. "Surprise?"

"Hi," Zayn says slowly, and his gaze is running up and down Liam’s body like he’s cataloging differences. Too many, Liam thinks. Far, far too many.

"I uh, I guess time travel works then," Liam says with a shaky laugh. "I uh, fuck. I can’t believe I’m back here."

"Where’ve you come from then?" Zayn asks. He’s sitting on the bed, on the bottom bunk of their old shared beds and Liam slides to the floor, resting back against the wall because he’s not sure his legs will hold out much longer.

"I’m uh, 21," Liam tells him. "Not sure that I, like, god am I not meant to tell you what happens then? All the movies say not to disturb the timelines and stuff. Shit."

"It’s alright, Liam," Zayn says softly, and if Liam closes his eyes, he can imagine it’s his Zayn, his 2014 Zayn trying to soothe him. "You don’t have to tell me anything."

"We’re best mates still," Liam blurts out. His cheeks flush but he keeps Zayn’s gaze. "We’ve stayed best mates. Always. And we’re like. We’re famous."

"So much for not saying anything then," Zayn teases, but it’s gentle. "You uh, you picked a funny time to drop in."

Which is when Liam looks around more carefully, taking in their room and Zayn’s clothes and the way Zayn looks all rumpled and soft, his hair a mess like someone’s … oh. Oh. Oh fuck.

"I kissed you," Liam says slowly. "This is when I kissed you."

"Yeah," Zayn says quietly. He looks shy and determined, all at once. "You did. And I kissed you back."

"You did," Liam says and he scoots over to the bed to sit next to him. "What was it like? You never said. After."

"Um," Zayn flushes hard and Liam sees his hands grip the duvet tightly. He reaches over, stroking Zayn’s skin until he loosens his grip and tangles their hands together. "Amazing. Perfect. We’re like, if we’re best mates still, then we’re together, right? In four years. We’re still together."

He sounds so hopeful, so excited that Liam can’t tell him the truth. Not now. He leans in, Zayn’s scent hitting him with all the memories he’d forgotten over the years, but he’s pulled right back to this moment when he’d been embarrassed and run away, and things had been so awkward between them for a few days. He leans in, and he kisses Zayn softly, remembering all of it. 

When he pulls back, stunned, and sees Zayn smiling up at him so happily, he realises. God. He needs to get back to his Zayn. He really fucked up. He fucked everything up. But maybe it’s not too late. 

He really, really hopes it’s not too late for them.

Harry’s new Twitter icon

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"lol think id rather tweet a full frontal than have people look at that"

is this a promise liam

"hi dear! do you happen to know which photo is liam talking abt on twitter????" —Anonymous

Oh ha there was a nude photo of a guy who had an odd resemblance to Liam going around, that people tried to claim was actually Liam. 

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